An Open Letter to Congress to Demand the Repeal of the Secure Act

I am writing to vehemently object to the Secure Act.  The Secure Act must be repealed as it is an unfair tax that singles out and punishes the working class savers of our country and their heirs.

Most every CPA and Estate Attorney in the US should outraged by this bill.  Here are a quote from James Lange, a financial planner, author and CPA.

I find this tax change particularly infuriating. It’s almost as if Congress were sitting around thinking “What group could we hurt the most? How about tax- payers who pursued the American dream and worked hard for 30 or 40 years and played by the rules?” You dutifully sacrificed and put as much money as possible in your IRAs and retirement plan. They told you putting money in your IRA and retirement plan was great for you and your kids. Now, late in the game, after relying on their representations, they pull the rug right out from under you. Now, they are attempting to confiscate a third of your IRA or retirement plan after you die.

James Lange


Congress wastes our tax dollars.  Congress rewards the wealthy corporations by accepting their bribes. With the passage of the Secure Act,  Congress has gone out of its way to punish the working class savers of our country unable to defend themselves and their heirs against this graft and corruption. It is time for the working class of this country to speak out against this waste in government.

Politics aside, the January 6th riot at the Capital is a reflection of the American public’s frustration with so-called leaders who pass laws without regard for the working class in our country.  The Secure Act is a travesty and an outrage.  

I demand that Congress repeal the Secure Act.  There is nothing secure about the bill.  The bill was written by the insurance industry for the benefit of the insurers.  With the passage of the Secure Act, annuities can now be sold into IRAs.  Annuities are a dishonest profit minded scam inflicted on the gullible.  Life Insurance policies are now recommended by lawyers as a work around to defend heir’s estates after the passage of the Secure Act.  The Insurers who authored this bill are the winners here and the working class savers and their heirs are punished.

Congress should be ashamed of itself.  Graft and corruption is rampant.  No wonder there was an uprising on January 6. Congress must be held accountable and make amends.  As a start, demand that Congress repeal the Secure Act.

As a lifelong citizen of the United States, I am ashamed of the apparent lack of moral compass in Washington.  Shame on Congress.

Angry in California

Philip Brouwer